Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A special blog hop for a special lady...

There is a very special blog hop going on right now in honour of our Design Team leader Jennifer that you will NOT WANT TO MISS!!

Jennifer has been battling breast cancer this year and it has been such a difficult time for her and her family. The lovely people over at Paper Makeup Stamps have put an awful lot of work into making the amazing blog hop that is on RIGHT NOW and lasts until 4th September.

Go and grab yourself a coffee and settle down to be taken on a journey round some beautiful blogs filled with wonderful card inspiration, wonderful prizes up for grabs and lots of love for our Jennifer!



Susie said...

I just finished "hopping" through it - what a fun hop with many beautiful cards. I truly hope Jennifer greatly benefits through this hop. And...I would love to win the prize you offered!

Jennifer Scull said...

oh Claire, you know how much I love ya, don't you?! :)

you believed in me when it felt as if no one else did, and that has carried me through the dark trench moments as well as to the high mountain tops! you are such a precious friend to me, as is each member of our fab Jellypark team. I couldn't have walked this walk without y'all helping me along the way!

thank you, not only for your most generous donation, but for the dreams of that village we will all retire to one day..... it has kept me going more than you can imagine!

my family speaks of the day we will one day take a trip to the UK, and mom has to have at least one full day (and night!!) to visit with her Jellypark Friends! :)